You Too Can Become A Bundle Broker

Thanks to the commission we pay for referrals, telling people about Bundle has always been rewarding.

Now, you can earn even more referral commission through the brand-new Bundle Brokerage Program! 💰💰

How does the Brokerage Program work?

  1. Tap Profile on the Bundle menu (or tap your profile picture) then tap Refer and Earn.
  2. Next, tap Invite Friends to share or copy your link. You can earn commission on everyone who signs up on Bundle through your link.
  3. For everyone who joins Bundle through your referral link and trades up to 2,000 BUSD within 30 days (a month) of joining, we’ll pay you a commission of 10 BUSD on the last day of that month.

No excuses, no strings attached.

How can you become a Bundle Broker?

Fill the Brokerage form here and we’ll add you to a Telegram group with other Bundle Brokers.

A couple of other things you should know about the Program:

  • Every Saturday, we’ll send you an email that shows how many people you’ve referred and how much trading each of your referrals has done.
  • We’ll pay you for your referrals on the last day of every month.

Go ahead and fill the Brokerage Program form here to become a Bundle Broker and start earning more from your referrals.

Stay bundled!✌🏾



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