We’re Distributing BXD, Our Ecosystem Token!

Hey, Bundler!

Do you know about BXD, Bundle’s ecosystem token? Here’s a guide.

On Christmas Day last year, we airdropped 500 BXD each to 15,958 Bundlers who signed up since we launched in April 2020, completed KYC Level 2 and had traded 10 BUSD or more on the app.

We mentioned then that there’ll be more BXD giveaways and, well, the next round is coming up soon. 👏🏾

This time, we’re airdropping 250 BXD each to up to 10,000 Bundlers! 🪙🎉

To be one of them, you must meet all these conditions:

  • 📱Have the latest version of Bundle. (Android, iOS)
  • 👍🏾 Complete KYC Level 2.
  • 💰 Trade at least 10 BUSD worth of crypto within 15 days of signing up.

As a bonus, Bundlers who meet these conditions will also get 100 BXD for each referral they complete, and the person they refer will get 100 BXD as well! 💃🏾

To stay up to date on all BXD distribution plans, please join our Telegram community here.

Stay bundled! 👋🏾



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