Bundle Rewind #6: Starting Together

Highlights of January 2021 at Bundle.

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4 min readFeb 3, 2021


Some people have said that we just had the ‘shortest’ January in recent memory.

We agree that it felt like a fast month but we still had enough time to do interesting things at Bundle.

Let’s rewind to the highlights of our month. 😉

Join The Call

Talking is good and one of the best things about the Bundle Telegram community is how frequently we talk — all the time.

But even though we talk often, we also create events to have specific conversations. One such event is the Community Call, the second edition of which held on Saturday, January 16.

Join the next one.

More than 170 Bundlers listened in and over 700 more were active on the community chat throughout the call, with highlights including a preview of Bundle’s exciting plans for 2021, what’s next with BXD — our ecosystem token, a question-and-answer session and a giveaway.

Wondering when the next Community Call is? Join our announcements channel on Telegram to stay in the know.

Looking Back

Bundle hasn’t been around for a full year, which makes the progress we’ve made so far so encouraging — thanks to you and everyone else who believes in us. 🙏🏾

As we press on to greater success, let’s look back together with gratitude at our achievements in 2020.

It’s a long one, isn’t it?

Doubled Up

Yes, we did.

On January 18, we delighted the Bundle community by doubling the withdrawal limit on the app.

This means that if you’ve completed KYC Level 2, your withdrawal limit has increased from 5,000 BUSD to 10,000 BUSD! 🚀

If you’re not on KYC Level 2, please follow the directions here to step up now.


We’re partial to reviews, whether critical or complimentary because they either help us get better or reassure us that we’re on the right track. But compliments do go straight to the heart, and these are some of our favourites from last month.

Crypto Waves

A phenomenon.

We listed DOGE on January 29, and it became the second-bestselling crypto asset on Bundle that day. The crypto, whose value exploded by as much as 800% in one day, is still in very high demand with heavy trading every day.

Earlier in the month, we listed ADA and DOT, two rising cryptocurrencies.

For help with trading crypto on Bundle, please take a look at this. 👍🏾

P2P To The Moon

Straight to your wallet.

Big news: Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, has added Bundle to its P2P (peer-to-peer) payment options! 🎉

This means that cryptocurrency sellers on the Binance P2P platform can choose to get paid through Bundle, which is particularly convenient because Bundlers can send and receive crypto and cash at no cost with just their username.

If you sell crypto on Binance P2P, choose the Bundle payment option to get paid directly into your wallet without going through a bank account. 💪🏾

Next Big Things

Refer, get points, repeat till you win.

The Bundle League is back with all the usual friendly competition! This season, it’s all about sharing your referral link and you can win up to 100 BUSD just by completing referrals. Get important details here.

Is anything bigger than BXD lately? Short answer: No.

Watch out for our next BXD Community Distribution, not quite different from our sensational Christmas Day airdrop of 500 BXD to 15,958 Bundlers.

In the meantime, remember to follow us on Twitter and Instagram! 😎

#StayBundled ✌🏾



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