Our Next Steps At Bundle

The future of Bundle is exciting!

On behalf of the team and myself, I apologize for the inconvenience caused by the disruptions to our service over the last few days.

As a reminder, both your cash and crypto assets on Bundle are safe and trading is going smoothly.

As we continue to work with our payment providers to resolve delays in processing Naira withdrawals, I’d like to share our immediate plans at Bundle:

We will add alternative cash in/out methods.

We are working with partners to integrate alternative channels to fund and withdraw from your cash wallets. In the coming days, we will send separate messages on how this will work.

We are expanding.

Bundle already works in Ghana, and we are concluding integrations that will add over 160 fiat currencies as well as global KYC to the app enabling us to support even more Bundlers globally.

We are building our P2P platform.

We will work on creating a mobile-first Peer-to-Peer (P2P) platform that will allow you to swap assets with other Bundlers quickly, securely, and simply

We will engage with regulators.

Together with other local stakeholders, we are coordinating a coalition to directly educate and engage with regulators to resolve the crypto-fiat restrictions and we have already made some progress.

I plan to hold a community call on Telegram this week to discuss our next steps and I will be taking questions from our community during the call.

Bundle will continue to keep you updated as we have new information.

Thank you again for your trust, patience and support.

Keep the faith. We are in this together.

#StayBundled 💜

Yele Bademosi

Founder and CEO

Bundle is a social payments app for cash or crypto