New On Bundle: Increased Withdrawal Limit And New Coins

We have a couple of updates for you that you may have missed last week.

Double The Limit

We’ve doubled the withdrawal limit on Bundle.

This means that if you’ve completed KYC Level 2, your withdrawal limit has increased from 5,000 BUSD to 10,000 BUSD! 🚀

If you’re not on KYC Level 2, please follow the directions here to step up now.

New Coins

ADA and DOT, two rising cryptocurrencies, are now on Bundle! 🎉

Both are available to buy and sell, so you can open your wallet and start trading right away.

For help with trading crypto on Bundle, please take a look at this.

#StayBundled and enjoy your week!



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Bundle Wallet

Bundle is a social payments app for cash or crypto