New On Bundle: CoinSwap Is Here!

Finally, you can exchange crypto on Bundle. 🚀

Convenience is a big part of cryptocurrency and this includes being able to exchange one crypto for another one smoothly without the need for cash.

Best news ever: You can now do that on Bundle! 🎉

Our new CoinSwap feature adds direct crypto exchange to the app so you can buy crypto with crypto any time. 👏🏾👏🏾

Quick guide: After downloading the update (Android, iOS), open Bundle, tap any crypto, tap Buy and choose a crypto to pay with.

Besides the highly requested CoinSwap, the latest Bundle update includes other improvements for your convenience:

Bundle League Stats 📊

There’s no doubt that some Bundlers take the Bundle League more serious than others but no matter how much passion you’re bringing to the contest, you can always check your league position and points score on the app. 🧐

Quick guide: Open Bundle, tap Profile or tap your profile picture then tap Bundle League.

Referrals 💰

If you’re big on referring your friends, you’re already familiar with the Refer And Earn section of Bundle.

We’ve added more details to that section, including Stories to help newbies understand how to invite their friends and earn some commission. Bring on the referrals and we’ll keep sending rewards your way!

Quick guide: Open Bundle, tap Profile or tap your profile picture then tap Refer And Earn.

Housekeeping 🧹

Fixing bugs doesn’t get much hype but that’s what keeps an app running smoothly, so shoutout to our engineers for the quiet but important work they’ve done to improve Bundle’s performance on different devices with this update. 🙌🏾

We’d love to know what you think about CoinSwap!

Please, download the latest Bundle on Google Play or the App Store and tweet your feedback.

#StayBundled ✌🏾