Introducing Bundle Smart Wallet

Bundle Smart Wallet comes with a multi-network feature that offers multiple networks for our customers to choose from when making transactions.

Bundle Wallet
2 min readJun 22, 2022

We have great news.

Welcome, Bundle Smart Wallet which supports multiple networks for deposits and withdrawals of assets. 💃🏾

What does this mean?

You can now send and receive assets through different networks and enjoy the option of lower fees. The power of choice is now in your hands.💪🏾

For example, if you want to send USDT, there is now an option to use the ERC20 network, BEP2 Network or BEP20 Network. Plus, you can see the corresponding fees that apply to each network and pick what works for you.🚀

What to expect?

Cheaper transaction fees, more options, and an overall better and more dynamic experience with the smart wallet.

  • You can now choose your preferred networks that were not available due to our previous single network system.
  • Each network may have different fees. With the new multi-network feature, you can choose to use a network with cheaper fees.
  • In case your chosen network is out of service, you can still proceed with your transaction using other available networks.

How does this affect my transactions on Bundle?

New wallet addresses are automatically generated. But do not fear, we will continue to support old wallet addresses for at least a full month, however, users are advised to update saved addresses on other chains or exchanges with their new addresses.

What happens to the funds in my old wallet address?

Nothing. As always, all funds are safe.

As always, your experience as a Bundle user is our first priority. If you have any issues or concerns, please reach out to our CX team via the helpdesk.

Stay Bundled 💜