Grow Your BUSD With Bundle Vault

Earn interest on your crypto savings from today!

Bundle Wallet
2 min readNov 10, 2020

Hey, Bundler! 👋🏾

What’s there not to love about BUSD?

It’s a stablecoin pegged to the value of the US dollar (1 BUSD equals $1) yet it’s as versatile as any other crypto.

That’s already the best of both worlds but we’re about to sweeten the deal for you.

Today, we introduce Bundle Vault, our crypto savings feature for growing your BUSD! 🌱

Instead of just storing your BUSD in your Bundle wallet, you can now move it to a Bundle Vault where it’ll earn interest for you over time. 💰

There are currently two kinds of Vault on Bundle: the BUSD Flexible Vault and the BUSD Fixed Vault.

BUSD Flexible Vault

With the BUSD Flexible Vault, you can put away BUSD, earn daily interest and withdraw whenever you want to. ⚡️

You can also top up your Flexible Vault any time you have some spare BUSD. Really convenient, right? 👍🏾

BUSD Fixed Vault

The BUSD Fixed Vault allows you to lock away a minimum of 100 BUSD for at least 7 days. 🔒

You can earn more interest with your Fixed Vault but you won’t be able to top it up.

Also, you can’t withdraw your BUSD until the maturity date you’ve set — that’s some extra discipline for you.

FYI: Fixed Vault savings are made in Lots. 1 Lot equals 100 BUSD.

You really should experience Vault for yourself right away. ⏰

Download the brand-new Bundle update on Google Play or the App Store, sign in to the app and tap Vault on your home screen. You can’t miss it!

When you’re done stashing some BUSD, tweet your Vault experience with #BundleVault and we’ll reply you. 💬

#StayBundled ✌🏾