Bundle Rewind: April Edition

I think it is right to celebrate our first birthday with a trip down memory lane. It might not seem like a lot to be one, but we have so much to be thankful for and that includes you.

Give me a little of your time and let’s see what we have achieved together;

Introducing Our P2P Platform.

We launched our P2P platform in response to some regulations that affected the direct deposit of cash to buy crypto. Using Cashlink, you can now withdraw and deposit on the Bundle app.🚀

You can also withdraw from your app by using P2P express.

Always Growing.

Making your experience better with Bundle is one of our favourite things to do. We introduced the price alert feature so you can know when a particular coin hits a targeted amount that you have sent. Cool right?😁

We also enabled KYC verification with NIN to create more ways to confirm your identification.

Of course, this is not the end, we have a lot of other things coming, don’t worry we will notify you once they drop. Look out for it!

What is better than one coin?

In other to celebrate our 1st anniversary, we added not one but 10 of the top coins we got from the Bundle coin vote💃🏾. In case you missed the memo during the launch, now you know. We now have 25 crypto assets listed on Bundle.

BXD Airdrop

We celebrated our anniversary with free BXD. 100 BXD was airdroped to each bundler who met the criteria of trading 10 BUSD this year on Bundle and had completed KYC Level 2.

Don’t forget you have 30 days to trade on the Bundle app so that your BXD doesn’t expire.

Bundling together

The best part of Bundle is bundlers and our community has been growing. As of this month, we have 15,946 members on telegram interacting with each other and talking about everything crypto. If you are not a part of this community, you are definitely missing a lot, feel free to join it’s open to everyone.

More, more and much more!!

We will never hold back on you. There is a promise of more to come.

  • BXD primer would be launching sometime this month, and you would have the chance to win BXD in our referral rush promo.

A little Nugget

It is the end of another month, and time seems to not be stopping for anyone. Despite the pressure you might be feeling, remember, to be late, you have to arrive. Keep doing you!



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