Bundle Rewind #4: More Than Trading

Quick question, have you ever wondered what we’re really up to at Bundle?

We’ll make it easy:

We’re driving the adoption of cryptocurrency in Africa as part of a larger mission to make economic freedom and prosperity a reality for all Africans no matter where they live. 🌍

That doesn’t sound like just helping people buy and sell cryptocurrencies, right? 🤔

Bundle is more than trading, and November brought an exciting non-trading feature to the app (among other noteworthy achievements).

Let’s revisit all the best moments of our month together!

Growing Crypto

For anyone interested in making straightforward returns on their BUSD, we launched Bundle Vault a couple of weeks ago. 🎉

Bundle Vault options include Flexible BUSD for putting away BUSD regularly and Fixed BUSD for locking an amount of BUSD for a fixed time (at least 7 days).

Returns on Vault are transparent and you’ll get exactly what you’ve earned along with the original amount you saved. 🤑

Whether you’re an active trader or not, Vault is a smart and easy way to grow your crypto. 🌱

Hot Topics

In continuation of our very popular community series, we hosted two interesting Bundle AMAs (Ask Me Anything) on Telegram in November.

First up was Ayodeji Awosika for his simplified DeFi session which held on November 7.

Ayodeji broke down the hottest topic in the cryptocurrency world and also shared some insights on some cryptocurrencies to look out for.

And on November 21, we brought on Harsh Rajat and Richa Joshi, co-creators of the Ethereum Push Notification Service, to talk about the likely future of ethereum (ETH).

This AMA was quite an eye-opener. If you missed it, you should catch up on everything Harsh and Richa shared here.

Our Biggest Fans

Seeing people sharing their #BundleStory with the world through referrals, social media updates or reviews on the app stores gives us a wonderful feeling, and we’re always happy to share a few of those stories whenever we can.

Every one of them is worth reading twice, but these are a few of our favourites.

Lagos To Accra

On the 17th of November, we opened for business in Ghana — a big step in our plan to expand across Africa! 🛬 🇬🇭

Since then, Ghanaians have been able to trade crypto and also send, receive and request Ghanaian cedis with Bundle.

Where are we going next on the continent? Keep an eye on our community announcements.

Stablecoin № 2

We listed USDT (Tether), a stablecoin whose value is pegged to the US dollar, on Bundle recently. 💵

Reminder: You can save BUSD (the other stablecoin on Bundle) with Vault and earn interest.

Tap See All Coins on the list of cryptocurrencies on your Bundle home screen to find USDT and make a trade.

PS. We also activated deposits and withdrawals for LINK and WRX. 🚀🚀

High Points

In November, our daily transaction volume shot past the $1 million milestone not once but five times, and we set a daily all-time high of $1,250,742.81! 📈

We also achieved a record monthly transaction volume of $23,842,244.33.

Team Spirit

Launching Bundle in another country isn’t a small deal, and many Bundle team members had a lot to say about our arrival in Ghana.

Here’s a sample of enthusiastic messages some of us shared on Twitter.

Looking Ahead

After the kind of year the world has had, everyone is more than ready to wind down and move on to 2021.

All the same, there’s a Bundle update landing on Google Play and the App Store this week and it includes a smart feature many traders in our community have been looking forward to. 😉

You can also expect a few other tweaks to make your Bundle experience better.

If you have questions, comments or you just feel like chatting with us, reach out on the app, Telegram, Twitter or Instagram.

#StayBundled and have a December to remember, for all the best reasons! 😘



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