Introducing The Bundle Community Fund

The Bundle Community Fund is our latest initiative to teach more Africans how cryptocurrency works, how it can empower them financially and how to use Bundle.

Through the Community Fund, we’ll pay five people who facilitate a class and score at least 85% in their class assessment 100 BUSD each from now till December 10th.

We’ll score classes based on:

  • Content Quality (45%)
  • Class Engagement (15%)
  • Bundle Advocacy (40%)

Content Quality

This isn’t about how complex the class is. A facilitator must break down concepts in the most understandable ways to get a good score.

Class Engagement

This is measured by how much enthusiasm or interest a facilitator is able to get from their students.

Bundle Advocacy

We hope that new students will begin their crypto journey after a class with Bundle. This criterion is measured by the number of KYC-verified users who sign up during or after the class.

  • 0–10 registrants: 10%
  • 11–30 registrants: 20%
  • 31–60 registrants: 30%
  • >61 registrants: 40%

How to join

  • Fill the form and get above 17/20 on the test here.
  • Once you pass, we’ll send you an email with a calendar link to schedule your class. We’ll also send you some slides to use for your presentation.
  • A Bundle representative who will attend your class to assess it. Please, schedule your class early enough to make sure it’s assessed.
  • We’ll send you your score one week after your class holds.

Only the first five Bundlers to score 85% will get a share of the fund.

Register and take the test today.



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