Beat the Dip — Trade Bundle Leveraged Tokens

Bundle Wallet
1 min readJan 27, 2022

This week, we’ve seen Bitcoin dump from $43k to $38k, sending other altcoins plummeting with it.

But while others panicked, Bundlers trading Bundle Leveraged DOWN tokens quietly made significant profits from the dips.

Bundle Leveraged DOWN tokens allow you to take advantage of bearish market sentiment. The tokens allow you to earn 1.25x — 4x more when the price of the underlying decreases.

Although BLVTs are leveraged and you can either compound your losses or gains, there is no risk of liquidation with the assets, regardless of how low or high prices swing.

There are currently three DOWN tokens available on Bundle:

And any of them can be bought/sold within the app.

But please be aware that leveraged tokens are best used for short-term trades, ideally a maximum of 24-hour trades, and shouldn’t be held over a long period of time.