All You Need To Know About Starting a Dispute on Bundle.

Bundle Wallet
3 min readJun 16, 2021

Bundle’s P2P users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies among themselves. The majority of these transactions occur without any problem. However, in case of conflict between users, Bundle’s P2P offers the opportunity for both (casher or partner) to open a dispute. This is where the customer service team comes in, to mediate between both parties and solve the issue.

When to open dispute resolution?

Before starting a dispute, ensure you have contacted the partner first. It is faster to reach an agreement with the partner than open a dispute. However, if communication fails and there is no agreed solution, you can click on the “resolve” button. Our customer support will help you solve the problem.

When there is a disputed order, the fiat will remain blocked until the case is resolved. Our customer support will communicate with the users involved in the dispute by email. Please take note that the dispute process is not instant, the process may take some time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Reasons to open a dispute on withdrawals

I received the payment from the buyer, but the amount is not correct: The partner transfers the money to your account but the amount does not correspond to the amount indicated on the platform.

The buyer marked as paid but I did not receive the payment to my account: Contact the partner and inform him that you have not received the payment on your account, if you do not reach an agreement between each other, you can open a dispute.

I received payment from a third party account: If the name on the partner’s account (e.g. bank account) does not match the name on the platform, the buyer has violated the rules and the fiat cannot be released, the casher must refund the money and the order will be cancelled.

Reasons to start a dispute for deposits

I made the payment, but my wallet has not been credited: Before opening the dispute, contact the partner via chat and send him proof of payment (note that sometimes these transactions are not immediate). If the partner does not respond to chat messages or your wallet isn’t credited, open a dispute.

Paid extra money: If you make a payment that exceeds the amount you set on the platform, you can chat with the partner to reach an agreement. If no agreement is reached, you can open a dispute, you will need to attach proof of payment.

How does the dispute process work?

Before starting a dispute, remember that you can contact the partner to reach an agreement. If you do not agree with the partner, initiate a dispute. The first step will be to mark the reason why you decided to open the dispute, these reasons are different for the Casher and the partner, as we have mentioned before.

You will also need to attach a piece of evidence to support the reason for your dispute. For example, if you are the cashier and have received an incorrect amount from the partner. You can start a dispute with the reason “I received payment from the partner but the amount is not correct” and attach proof of payment.

If you reach an agreement, you can cancel the dispute directly. If after this period of time, the agreement is not reached, the case will go to support and a customer support agent will contact both parties to find an agreement.

4 useful tips when opening a dispute:

  1. Be clear when you file a dispute to avoid customer service confusion. Communicate clearly the kind of action you need customer service’s help with, either for cancelling the order or releasing the order.
  2. Attach relevant proof like proof of payment or no payment being made, don’t attach a screenshot of conversations with the partner as proof of payment.
  3. Please allow customer support to respond to your dispute within 24 hours — 48 hours.
  4. Do not use abusive language to customer support and the partner during the dispute process.