A Letter from Our CEO: Recent Outages and the road ahead.

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3 min readApr 30, 2022


When Bundle launched two years ago, it was with the aim of creating an opportunity for financial autonomy on the continent, a social platform for Africans to achieve financial freedom. Despite unfavorable government policies and sanctions, within a short period, we’ve been able to educate and motivate as well as simplify crypto transactions for thousands of people.

Crypto never sleeps and with the recent disruptions in our service and the performance of the Bundle app. I would like to use this opportunity to apologize for all the inconvenience this might have caused and share with you where we are and where we’re going, clarify our commitment, and also outline our approach to mitigating the effects of our service quality moving forward.

You are our priority

Our goal at Bundle has always been to continue to optimize our users’ experiences — with our business decisions, product features, and our choices for improvement. We are led by what our customers want and need. Because of this, we continue to dare to go over and beyond to protect our users and their assets, render more services, and provide more trading and investment options to help all of our users make more informed crypto decisions and do more with crypto. Bundle is at its heart all about the people.

Quality of service

Over the past 2 years, we have strived to pioneer and tried to ensure that our products and services are reliable. We created Cashlink, a peer-to-peer payment network for on and off-ramp of cash which has been a gateway for more such innovation in the African crypto space. That dependability is important to us if we are going to continue to foster wider crypto adoption on the continent.

Recently, we have experienced disruptions in our service due to some massive changes that we’re making to our products and services. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by the downtime with our services. We’ve been working as hard as we can to restore access, and our services are now back up and running. All pending deposits would be resolved within the next 24 hours, so we ask for your continuous patience while these reversals are made.

We hope to clarify and reiterate our commitment to serving you by sharing with you how we have done to improve our services.

We have started reworking the architecture of some of our core services that will ensure the platform is able to support all the new and exciting features that our users have requested including;

  • Support for multiple services on the blockchain (BEP 20, TRC 20, Polygon etc)
  • Deposit and withdrawals for some of our assets
  • Coin listing of over 200 asset
  • Simplified Futures
  • Smart wallet
  • Stop loss
  • Copy trading and Trading Signals
  • Minimum Trade Orders to N500; amongst others

Enabling our users to do more with crypto

As we continue our journey in creating an ecosystem that enables the adoption of crypto in Africa and emerging countries, we are aware that Bundle still has a lot of room for growth. We are dedicated to continuous learning and growing every day.

Our vision is to create a more inclusive crypto experience for every user, with a wider range of offerings. We know the road ahead will be tough, but with the immense support and guidance of our users and community, we are reenergized for this experimental process of innovation.

Our services are now back online and even though we have temporarily rolled back the features that were released.

Fortunately, the first version of our Bundle web app is live, and you now have the ability to use Bundle outside your phone. (Be careful of fake websites posing to be Bundle our official website is Bundle.africa, a Bundle representative would never ask for your OTP or Pin).

As always, all funds remain safe on Bundle. We take security very seriously and would continue to implore you, do not input your passwords on unverified links or channels.

Thank you for your continuous support, stay Bundled 💜.


CEO, Bundle Africa.



Bundle Wallet

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