3 Friendly Tips To Trade Safely On P2P

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2 min readJun 10, 2021

Cashlink and Bundle don’t joke with your assets or your security and because of this we take serious measures to vet our partners and ensure that they are fit to be on Cashlink

One of such ways is by putting the partner’s money in escrow until you have confirmed the order. This simply means that until you confirm that your transaction was successful we would hold the money for the partner.

3 Tips for Safe P2P Trading

There are no hidden fees: The prices you see in the offer are final. If your partner asks you to pay an additional commission or a different price, report him to our customer service.

Do not cancel paid trades: If you cancel a paid trade, and you haven’t received the payment from the partner; the partner might keep your money and the cryptocurrency.

If you are in this situation, mark the order as paid and start a dispute.

Trade within the platform: If you trade outside the platform we can’t secure your funds under the escrow system. Also, trading on Bundle allows you to open a dispute if something goes wrong as well as access to our support team.

These three tips are just an insight. If you want detailed information on safe trading checks the following articles:

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